Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

What needs to happen? Excuse my language and my reinforcement of the patriarchy, but there is no better way to put it: Democrats need to grow a pair. And fast. We have to escape the grasp of corporate donors and start working for the people who need someone on their side. As an Indigenous woman, it’s been clear that the Democratic party cares more about its big donors than it cares about my life. We have to change that reality.

"SPINELESS DEMOCRATS" capitulate after just 60 hours into the shutdown,democrat supporters ask "what was that all about" : Even the staunches lefties could not spin "Schumer's Surrender" as anything more than that,a complete capitulation is exactly what it was.

Progressive activists are seething over Democratic Senators caved and ended the government after just three days on Monday. Multiple journalists pondered what was accomplished by the shutdown, considering it resulted in no major victories for Democrats, capitulated to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s terms and gave Trump an easy messaging win. The move also failed to guarantee — beyond the word of Chuck Schumer — the future of DACA legislation. The shutdown infuriated liberal activists who viewed the Democrats as surrendering to Republicans over the issue of Dreamers and illegal immigration.Ultimately, Republicans gained much more from the shutdown than the Democrats. They demonstrated consistency in message, willingness to govern and true leverage over the immigration debate. Trump called Schumer’s bluff and he caved, a point noted by White House press secretary Sarah Sanders at Monday’s briefing.

Democrats "CAVE" as Trump takes Chuck Schumer to the cleaners : Donald Trump schooled senate democratic minority leader Chuck Schumer in the "Art of the Deal",Chuck Schumer spoke on the floor of the senate that President Trump had not spoken to him since their White House meeting on friday before the shutdown that evening,Senator Schumer obviously hasn't read "The Art of the Deal" : It's the oldest trick in the salesman's bag of tricks to close the deal "He who speaks first loses" is a phrase that every salesman uses to get the client to sing the contract,don't over sell the product,once you make your pitch,shut up and let the buyer make the next move,and Trump played it perfectly,he spoke to Chuck on friday and then said nothing,Chuck spoke first and he lost,that's the art of the deal.

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