Tuesday, 18 July 2017

US Military Industrial complex still owns Republicans and Democrats : No money for healthcare but lots of money for war.President Trump asked for an extra $57 billion,without blinking congress gave him an extra $30 billion on top,their priorities are towards those who pay for their re-election campaigns,and the people can go to hell.

Who Really Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex? | To begin our journey, please review this list of the top ten Military Warlords. Lockheed Martin Corporation, The Boeing Company, Raytheon Company, General Dynamics Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Leidos Holdings, Inc., Huntington Ingalls Industries, L-3 Communications Holdings Inc., United Technologies Corporation, BAE Systems PLC, SAIC, McKesson Corporation, Bechtel Group Inc., Veritas Capital Fund, Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation.

Cashless Society Alert: Visa Will Be Giving Up To $500,000 To Restaurants That Go ‘100% Cashless’ – To encourage businesses to go cashless, Visa is announcing The Visa Cashless Challenge, with a call to action for small business restaurants, cafés or food truck owners to describe what cashless means for them, their employees and customers. Visa will be awarding up to $500,000 to 50 eligible US-based small business food service owners who commit to joining the 100% cashless quest.

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