Monday, 5 November 2018

SWIFT is a monopoly system, a monopoly born of convenience and inertia thanks to it being neutral to whims of international political spats. Enter the late stage of imperial thinking in the U.S. where our control over world affairs is waning first in the hearts and minds of various people around the world and then in policy and you have the beginning of the end of SWIFT as the only international financial transfer system. Back in 2010, I remember Jim Sinclair banging his shoe on the table about our threatening Switzerland over opening up its customer data looking for ‘tax cheats’ under FATCA. He said then that the Obama administration was idiotic for doing this. This is where I got the maxim, once you go nuclear you have no other option.

If white men are terror threats, Don Lemon likes living dangerously…Don Lemon's boyfriend looks like he's being held hostage. Maybe because he's holding hands with a racist, and he's white.

Does a nation have a right to self-defense? Does a nation have a right to develop and enforce its own immigration laws? Does a nation have a right, and duty, to provide for the preservation of the safety and welfare of its country? Does a nation continue to be a nation if it has no borders? According to the Democrats the answer is no. Well, let’s ask the Democrats another question: Shouldn’t their party vigorously defend the very people that they purport to support? We will answer that question in last section of this article. The answer to that question, as presented through the hypocritical stance of AZ Senatorial candidate, Kyrsten Sinema, whose positions are surprising and shocking as she is openly betraying the very people she and her party say they support. If You Support Sane Border Policies, You Could NEVER Vote for a Democrat.

TRUMP supporters will follow the President to "Hell and Back",there's no stopping the "Trump Train" now,and if need be they will go to war for him : President Donald J Trump is like a "Rockstar" now,the crowds he is attracting are unheard of for the midterms,go gettum Donald and take no prisoners : The hardest working president in history,where does he get the energy form at his age,i'm two years younger than Trump and i get exhausted just watching his non-stop campaign across the country,he's work ethic is amazing,as they say " Go hard or go home",give them hell Donald.

VEGAS odds maker says Trump will win again : I’ll go out on a limb again. I’ll put my gut instincts up against every poll and pollster and political “expert.” All of them…all of them…say the House is lost. But they don’t have a clue what’s happening. I predict they’re all wrong again. The Silent Majority is whispering again- and they love Trump. They support Trump. They will reward Trump. I’ll go out on a limb again to predict another upset for the GOP on Tuesday. We will expand our Senate majority by 3 to 6 seats. It will be very close but, the GOP will hold the House. America stays bright red- again Democrats will be in shock and mourning. The pollsters got it all wrong again. And Wednesday morning will be the busiest day for psychiatrists and psychologists in the history of America.

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