Monday, 24 April 2017

Marine Le Pen, Savior of France? – So is France in crisis? … many voters really have lost faith in the established parties and see change as coming from outside the system. The main embodiment of disillusion is Marine Le Pen. Her Front National continues to grow in rust-belt regions and those with high levels of immigration, largely by attracting disaffected working-class voters. It is probably France’s largest party, supported by nearly a third of the electorate.

With Trump's first 100 days looming without any legislative achievements and none on the horizon,the Trump administration is "Wagging the Dog" about the threat from North Korea : With President Trump's approval rating back under 40%,the sabre rattling and muscle flexing is all that Trump is now left with,the Donald has now decided that he will be governing as the war president for his first term.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

MSNBC contributor and former intelligence officer calls for Trump property to be attacked by ISIS : In yet another stunning example of the ongoing war between elements of the intelligence community and President Donald Trump, MSNBC contributor and former intelligence operative Malcolm Nance has called for ISIS to bomb Trump’s property in Turkey.

“Miss Yalta” 2016 Beauty Contest | President of the “Miss Yalta 2016” contest and the Director of the “Li Models” Model Agency, Lilia Chistofat, shared how to successfully pass the audition. In anticipation of the “Miss Yalta 2016” series of castings and “Grand Model 2016”, which will be held across Crimea, Director of the “Li Models” Model Agency, organizer of the contest “Super Model of the Crimea”, “Grand Model”, “Miss Crimea 2014, “Miss Yalta” Lily Chistofat girls sleep issues.

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