Saturday, 7 January 2017

How the American MSM sells the false narrative that Russia,which spends $68 billion on it's defense budget is a existential threat to the USA which will spend a massive $905 billion in FY 2017 which represents 21% of total US federal budget. The Obama administration’s FY 2017 budget—the eighth and final budget submitted by the administration—requests a total of $905.5 billion in funding for national defense,which is 21% of the total US federal budget for FY 2017. This includes $523.9B in the base Department of Defense (DoD) discretionary budget,$7.9 billion in mandatory DoD funding, and $58.8 billion in supplemental funding for Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO). It also includes $20.5 billion for atomic energy programs and $8.4 billion in other defense-related activities funded outside of the DoD budget but still within the total national defense section of the budget.Beyond the national defense budget, the request includes defense-related funding in several other areas: $179.2 billion in veterans benefits and services funded primarily through the Department of Veterans Affairs; $83.4 billion in amortization payments for unfunded liabilities in the military retirement and military retiree healthcare trust funds paid by the Treasury; and $22.8 billion in tax expenditures for military and veterans pay and benefits not subject to federal taxes. Including these costs, total defense-related expenses in the FY 2017 request sum to $905 billion, or 21 percent of the total federal budget.

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