Saturday, 8 April 2017

BREAKING ON RUSSIAGATE : CNN has just learned that President Trumps young son Barron is attending an exclusive school that is also attended by a young Russian student that has ties to ST Petersberg,the home of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.After further investigation CNN investigators also turned up further compromising news that the young Russian students great grandfather ran a bakery in Scotland that was patronized by President Donald Trumps Grandfather,digging further into the story the CNN team found that not only did Trumps grandfather buy his bread from the Russian Baker,it also learnt that the Baker had ties to another bakery in St Petersberg that was patronized by Putin grandfather,CNN will continue to update this important break through as it feels that it will lead back to Trumps family connections and collusion with the KGB,as CNN believes the bakery in Scotland was a meeting point for KGB agents stationed in Scotland,more revelations to follow.

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