Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Syrian Sarin Gas attack is as bogus as the Warren Commission on the JFK assassination and the 9/11 report : Pure propaganda to distract the nation from the disastrous domestic agenda of the new administration.The failed Obamacare repeal and replace that followed the failed muslim travel ban presidents low approval numbers,led to the obvious false flag Sarin gas attack : And make no mistake it worked perfectly,Trump is not the first president to use this tactic to distract the people from the failed domestic policies and wont be the last : The ability to asssign blame to what happened on that day so quickly and decisively is just ridiculous,Russia and China at the UNSC asked for an impartial and independent investrigation the same day and the UNSC voted against getting to the truth,which begs a question,why did America and it's allies refuse a UN independent investigation hours after the attack,before anyone would have known what actually happened,the answer is simple,they didn't want to know.This Sarin attack was planned well in advance,and not by the Syrian government,but by the US and it's Al Qaeda affiliates.

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