Saturday, 13 May 2017

The corrupt Clinton Political Machine has corrupted the American body Politik : Whenever or wherever the Clintons are involved,scandals always appear,from the Watergate investigation when Hillary was charged with ethics violations through their time in Arkansas and Whitewater,Vince Foster,Cocaine trafficking and the Rose Law firm,to the Clinton administration,Monica Lewinsky,Hillary's Benghazi disaster,the unauthorised and unsecured basement server and bleached emails,and then ending on the pervert Weiner's laptop,to Bill Clinton meeting Loretta Lynch on the tarmac three days before the investigation announcement which put FBI director Comey in a tough spot,it's been all the making of the Clinton's and their corrupt political playbook,which is deny,deny,deny until you get caught out,and then you don't recall,that's the way it has been with the criminal Clintons since they arrived on the political scene in 1976,they are not only corrupt they are corrupters.

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