Friday, 23 June 2017

DON'T BACK DOWN DONALD : Will the two year non stop attacks on President Trump backfire on the deep state are people starting to wake up to the fact that the President has been the target of the most aggressive political hit job in history : Americans in general believe in fair play,independent voters consider themselves fair minded people who like to listen to both arguments and then make their decisions,i am sure that these people do not deem what Trump has been subjected too by the MSM as fair : The other thing that Americans like is a fighter,someone who can take it and give as good as he gets,and the President has shown that no matter what they throw at him,he'll come back swinging and never back down : With 17 months before the midterms will people get sick of the constant attacks on their President and move over to his corner and support a fighter,only time will tell.Say what you will about Trump,love him or hate him,he has backbone and big cojones,which is more than i can say about the rest of congress.

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