Thursday, 10 August 2017

If you ever had doubts about America being run by bunch of genocidal maniacs,than the events of the past 48 hours should put those doubts top rest : Here we have the worlds largest and most powerful military in history up against a tin pot dictator who doesn't even have the ability to launch a nuclear missile let alone threaten the west coast of the United States,the whole thing is a god damn joke,America has well over 12,000 ready to launch nukes and North Korea has maybe one,and that's a guess : Now if it was Russia with it's 7500 nukes than maybe there should some concern but North Korea,give me a break : This is what's known as a false flag operation,one would think that with all the defence capabilities and THAAD system in place it should be able to destroy the one missile that Kim has,but no it's nuclear shelters and hit the panic button,what a load of bollocks.

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