Monday, 18 September 2017

Question to all Americans : Want to be labelled a Racist and White Supremacist,perhaps you prefer Bigot and Misogynist,then i have the solution for you,go down and register as a Republican and run against any sitting Democrat,i guarantee you that within a few short weeks,you will be transformed into a Racist,White Supremacist bigoted misogynist,not that you are,it's just that that is part of the Democratic party playbook,expose their racist attitudes and lies and,like me,you will be attacked by both democrats and their propaganda arm the MSM,you see what i have found out recently,having considered myself a progressive for the last 50 years is that the left can't handle the truth,so they smear you to hide their own racist deeds : America has never been this racially divided since the sixties,and it's all been driven by the party that i once supported,JFK was admired by most but he was flawed,LBJ was a racist ass hole,Bill Clinton was a damn liar and crook and Obama was a Globalist puppet,who fooled us all,he promised hope and change but worked for the swamp.

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