Thursday, 19 October 2017

CONFLICT OF INTEREST : Deep State operative and resident swamp creature Robert Mueller and his band of 19 Hillary Clinton groupies are out to politically assassinate President Trump,they are not out to uncover the truth,they have been sent by the establishment to remove Trump form office,and they don't care how they achieve that result,as long as President Trump is gone : Imagine if the situation was reversed and the target was president Obama,the anointed one,the MSM would be screaming blue murder,and calling for Mueller's head on a platter,but it's Trump and the MSM hate the president so much they remain silent,but then again double standards is what the liberals and their propaganda arm the MSM are all about : Just look how they have protected serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein for three decades of raping and abusing young vulnerable women,they have no shame.

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