Sunday, 22 October 2017

Left wing progressives and democrats who are fuelling the anti-white hysteria,are up to their old tricks,they are using minorities for their political purposes,rich white people don't give a rats about poor blacks and Latinos,it's all a political game for the democrats and the poor minorities are been taken for a ride,once again by the,Californian elite : The democratic plan that was put in place by the Clinton's is well known,unlimited migration,legal or illegal will eventually lead to the democrats being the natural governing party in the US,the plan is to spread the immigrants across the nation,hoping eventually to turn purple states blue,Hilary is on record as saying that if they succeed in flooding America with illegals they could possibly turn the lone star state and GOP stronghold,Texas blue,it's along game that the democrats think they can achieve,Trump understands that and that is why he wants immigration reform,the democrats on the other hand want unlimited immigration and open borders,as for the European,his days are numbered.

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