Monday, 30 October 2017

Most people who watch Morning Joe would have come to the conclusion that Mika Brzezinski is not the sharpest tool in the shed,but her statement regarding Mark Halperin's sexual predatory exploits which he admitted to,tells us all we need to know about the progressive democrats,how could anyone be so dumb as to make a statement in this climate of sexual behaviour,Mika said "My heart breaks for Mark Halperin",in that one phrase she turned Halperin,a sexual predator into the victim : Even more damming for the left is that MSNBC did nothing,they should have sacked her : The democrat establishment stayed silent,the perverts in Hollywood looked the other way : WE have known for many years that Mika has this job because her surname is Brzezinski,if her surname was Brown,she probably would be doing the weather in smallville,Mississippi : My heart braeks for Mark Halperin,really Mika,what about the young female victims,does your heart not break for them,what twisted thoughts occupy that pea brain of yours,next you will be saying my heart breaks for Charlie Manson : Mika you are as dumb as a door nail,how you keep the job you have is beyond me,everyday you tell us that Trump is mentally unstable,what does that statement make you,a deranged imbecile.

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