Saturday, 14 October 2017

Obama's legacy will be wiped clean by Donald trump like you format a hard rive of your computer : The 2011 White House correspondence dinner will always be remembered for Obama's mocking of Donald Trump,that night Obama went too far,you don't make a fool of a billionaire property developer from New York and not expect a reaction,that was the motivation that set Trump on the road to the White House,and payback is going to be a bitch for Obama : By the time Trump finishes with Obama's legacy,there won't be anything left to see and read about,Trump has just signed the death warrant of Obama's major accomplishment while in office,Obamacare will soon be in the trash bin along with all the other policies that Trump has reversed with executive orders : Obama may havew had them laughing at Trump,but guess who's having the last laugh,Barry you picked the wrong guy to make a fool of,he's from Queens and they don't take anything lying down.

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