Saturday, 21 October 2017

The DEEP STATE controlled MSM's Trump Derangement Syndrome has the progressives panicking,out of control and out of their freaking minds trying to find some good old Russian Collusion : It's been over 15 months since the House and senate instigated their so called "Russian Collusion" investigation,and so far nothing has emerged,not from the GOP side,only from the Hillary Clinton camp,what we know at this juncture is that the only people that colluded with Russia were the Democrats : Special Counsel Robert Mueller has given up looking for Russian Collusion,simply because there is none,the House investigation committee stated last week that their investigating has hit a brick wall,no where to go from here said the chairman,Mueller and his team of democratic donors are now concentrating on finding anything that they can pin on Trump,even his business dealings going back to 1997 : Desperation has set in,Mueller has been at it for 6 months and nothing yet,but they will continue to dig into Trumps business dealings,everyone knows that if you look at every businessman's fianacial dealings over a period of 30 years you will find something that may not be exactly kosher : Robert Mueller is on a mission for the establishment,remove Trump at all cost,they want a globalist in the Oval Office,Republican or Democrat,it doesn't matter,as long as his a globalist.

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