Wednesday, 15 November 2017

If Adolf Hitler and his brown shirts were alive today,they would find a home in the Democratic party : Unlike the liberals i grew up with,today's so-called progressives are an intolerant,racist anti free speech,obsessed with the perversion and paedophilia of Hollywood and it's sexual predators,it's ironic that,although not all democrats are sexual predators and paedophiles,the majority Hollywood's sexual predators and paedophiles are democrats or progressives : To make matters worse,these same lefties go out of their way to protect their progressive perverts and paedophiles because they are democratic fund raisers,like Harvey Weinstein and many others in tinsel town or should we refer to Hollywood as the "Perverts Paradise" : The liberal intelligentsia just love to be photographed with these child molesters and sexual deviants,perhaps it's says a lot a bout todays liberals,people who i once was part of,but now can find no common ground,they are intolerant,racist,white hating bunch of Nazi's and Fascist.

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