Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The biggest danger to Donald Trump's presidency is not the Democrats or the MSM,it's the Republican controlled house and senate,it must be clear to everyone by now that with the GOP controlling all branches of government they cannot get anything : The GOP has made the decision that they would rahter loose the house and senate and have the Democrats start impeachment proceedings rather than be the ones to start the proceedings : If the Democrats were in total control like the GOP presently are,this Russia investigation would never had happen,and a special prosecutor,for what they don't know if there's a crime been committed,after 17 months of investigation by 17 intelligence agencies and they can't find Russian collusion,it's a pretty sure bet that there ain't none : This is the greatest political hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,everyone knows it's a crock of shit but they all want Trump gone,the GOP destroying their own president.

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