Friday, 15 December 2017

Former Washington Post journalist who has turned into a propagandist for the deep state owned media to make such a preposterous statement regarding the MSM fake news stories over the last few weeks trying to defend their obvious bias against Donald Trump by stating that the mistakes the media have made are the result of the MSM trying to be fair to Donald Trump,would have to be the most absurd and ludicrous comment of 2017,and coming from a former icon of the media on his work on Watergate,tells us all we need to know about the state of the US media and how far down the rabbit hole this has gone : For someone of Bernstein's reputation to be making such a statement is beyond comprehension : Any fair minded person that has been paying attention since Trump announced his candidacy would know that the left leaning MSM have attacked Trump at every turn on every day,in fact their own paper published a report that 93% of all stories by the media regarding Trump have been negative towards the president and so if you are looking for the lie of the year,then Bernstein's would win hands down "MSM trying to be fair to Trump",Carl what are you smoking or have you forgotten to take your meds : The deep state have used the MSM to take Trump down.So my entry for Time magazine's 2017 lie of the year goes to the once celebrated journalist Carl Bernstein of the WAPO.

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