Thursday, 7 December 2017

My NBN nightmare ;I was lured in by the glossy brochures that my service provider and NBN mailed to me."Enhance your internet experience,download 10 times your current speed,surf the net at break neck speed" i was hooked,i booked my installation,29th November was the day i looked forward to for my NBN experience,the technician arrived,worked for about 50 minutes and then told me all is working perfectly,he left,i said goodbye and jumped on the computer to get the "enhanced experience",that's when the nightmare began,since that day,i have not had one day without internet problems,since last wednesday the 29th,i have had 3 days of internet,as for the speed,i haven't been on the internet long enough to actually gauge the speed,it's been a total disaster. I have used more valium than ever before,now i'm on antidepressants,all because of the super fast NBN.

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