Monday, 29 January 2018

Freedom of speech,as long as you toe the company line : It's obvious to many people that the truth has become the enemy of the empire : After posting about the genocide that is happening right now in Yemen,i was blocked by my service provider for breaching their guidelines,when i advised them that i was not the only person who had written about the Yemen genocide and was only reposting articles from the NYT and the Wapo,they reviewed the matter and reconnected me to the internet.So what are we to make of this,is the genocide in Yemen or the continues war in Syria something i made up,are we not killing thousands of people in foreign lands that have done nothing to us,all because we want to control the energy market : We in the west constantly tout our freedom of speech,freedom of the press,only if that speech corresponds with the propaganda and bullshit that the MSM are pushing out 365 days 24/7,and we are suppose to never question what our corrupt governments are doing to enrich themselves while the average man on the street is living from day to day.Are we suppose to deny the obvious.What is happening today with our "free" MSM is like being back in the USSR,just as John Lennon said.

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