Tuesday, 9 January 2018

One speech at a awards ceremony and they want Oprah to run for president : Just to confirm the fickleness and stupidity of the Hollywood set,these people have no idea of reality,perhaps it's because they spend all their lives portraying other people that they know nothing of reality : In sport they say "one win does not a season make" and one speech does not make a presidential candidate : So why not Mickey Mouse for president,he's as qualified as Oprah and has had a far longer career in the spotlight : Oprah knew all about Harvey,they were good friends,and she said nothing,and then the hypocritical speech at the Golden Globes,a new dawn,yeh right Oprah,you covered up for a rapist and now you want to run for president,the media will tear you apart for your support for Weinstein. "Run if you dare"

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