Sunday, 18 February 2018

American Whores : No i'm not talking about sex workers,it's the corporate controlled MSM talking heads who spew out their fake news to the American people,and the most vile part of the whole charade is that they know it's BS but still have the audacity to look the people directly and continue their disinformation program 24/7 : They have no shame no morals and are cowards because they will not take a stand and tell the American people the truth.Their masters pay them well and that's all they care about,conservative or Liberal it's all the same crap everyday of the week,they make it up as they go along and they don't give a rats about what they are doing to America,they are just in it for the money,they masquerade as journalist,when the truth is they are propagandist and activist for the ruling elite.In today's world telling the truth will get you fired and even worse you will end up like Julienne Assange and Edward Snowden : While real journalist are vilified and exiled to the fringes,these tool of the establishment are lauded and awarded with awards for lying and impersonating journalist,they are simply disgusting creatures that inhabit the news stream like the plague,a pox on both their houses : From MSNBC,CNN,CBS,ABC,FOX and the rest of the propaganda networks these cretins love war and death,they are the four horsemen of the apocalypse.Russia,Russia,Russia and more Russia.

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