Saturday, 17 February 2018

CIA Flashback: “We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.”They lied to us about the Gulf of Tonkin incident that never happened and 3 million Vietnamese people were killed and 57,000 US troops and 500 Aussie men lost their lives based on a lie,.They lied to us about the Iraq WMD and 1 million Iraqi's were killed thousands of US and British troops died based on a lie,they lied about the NSA data collection and spying on everyone,James Clapper lied to the congress straight to their face,they lied about the babies been thrown out of the humidy cribs and thrown on to the floor in Kuwait,and they lied about most things that have taken us to war,simply for profit,and now the intelligence agencies want us to believe the bullshit they are trying to spin,that the FBI,CIA,NSA and the other intelligence agencies are fair and impartial,This time last year the dems wanted to crucify FBI director James Comey,now they are saying the FBI is beyond reproach,and the cheerleaders for this disinformation program is the corrupt MSM. The Russians have been designated the title of bad guys and the western alliance which is doing all the bombing and killing are the good guys.Do the math the US and the western alliance have invaded over sixty countries,destroying their infrastructure and displacing millions of people that are now flooding Europe,how many countries have Russia invaded,how many wars have Russia started,how many regime changes have they instigated. The rule that most people should abide by is what ever the MSM tell you,the opposite is true.

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