Friday, 9 February 2018

Hey Barry,the truth is finally coming out,you lied again,you have been exposed for lying,wow what a surprise.You quarterbacked the whole Russia dossier and the attempt to overthrow President Trump.that's why you never left Washington,you actually thought that you would get away with this attempt at regime change,that's your narcissism and ego blinding you to the fact that your presidency is over,and you need to get over yourself,because, frankly as one of your former supporters you are starting to embarrass yourself,what with shadowing the real president throughout Europe,what's that about.Why don't you follow in the gracious footsteps of George W. Bush and just F#$K OFF and let president Trump do what he was elected to : Barack,it was nice knowing you,we had a great time,but do everyone a favour,DISAPPEAR . The world was fine before you came to prominence,and it will flourish and grow,long after you and i are gone,get over yourself mate.

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