Thursday, 1 February 2018

It's way past time for African Americans to ask the Democratic party who take the black vote for granted,the question they should ask is "What have you done for us lately" or for that matter the last 40 years,the answer is obvious,not much : African Americans should stop giving their votes to democrats without conditions : The democratic party must be made to understand that the black vote is not to be taken as a given.African American voters should demand from the democrats long overdue prison reform,more funds for their neighbourhoods,better education facilities and many more : If i was an African American i would not vote for any party unless that part addressed issues that effect my community,make both parties understand that they need to focus on legal black Americans instead of illegal aliens : In 1994 Bill Clinton and the democrats passed the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act,it was the most egregious bill ever passed that targeted the black community,it destroyed millions of black families for a generation and the effects can still be felt today,and yet African Americans still voted for Bill Clinton,why i will never know.

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