Thursday, 8 February 2018

Just how stupid are the democrats,they have learnt nothing from the humiliating loss of 2016 : Nancy Pelosi and the far left wing democratic party think it's good policy to go into the midterms in the fall with a platform of prioritising illegals over hard working American citizens,this is the dumbest political platform i have ever heard,it clearly shows how out of touch of mainstream America the democrats really are : Warning for Nancy and Chuck,if you proceed with this crazy idea that somehow the American citizen is cool with you putting the needs of illegals immigrants ahead of the needs of the American families,you are off your collective minds : What on earth are these dems thinking,or a better question would be,what are they smoking : Trump will have a field,and if the entire GOP get behind Trump,they will wipe the floor with the dems come November : Again,who in their right minds would go into an election prioritising illegals aliens,let them do it i say,and watch the bloodletting and smile.

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