Tuesday, 20 February 2018

President Donald Trump is in the cross hairs of the deep state,he literally is putting is life on the line : The deep state took out JFK for challenging them by not invading Cuba and printing dollars that would have sidelined the federal reserve and withdrawing all troops from Vietnam by 1965,then they took out MLK because he posed a theat to their power and finally RFK to put an end to the Kennedy dynasty,so don't think that they would not attempt an assassination on the president..They are immoral and indefensible,these psychopaths actua;lly believe that America belongs to them because they have been entrenched in the government for decades and are agents of the NWO : For all his flaws,his politically incorrectness and all his bluster,the man has a backbone,his prepared to take the heat of the fake MSM and the American people should support him and help him clean house from the stench of the Clinton family and the corrupt bureaucrats that believe that America belongs to them.America belongs to "We the people"

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