Sunday, 11 February 2018

THE "CORRUPT NEWS NETWORK" aka CNN has reached a new low,just when you thought bottom feeders at CNN couldn't go any lower,they surprised us all and really went down into the gutter where they truly belong : CNN compared Kim Jong Un’s Sister To Ivanka Trump Amid Winter Olympics media frenzy : The democrats and their MSM allies have shown us many things about themselves,they have shown us that their is no gutter that they will not get into,they have shown us that they are willing to attack any member of any politicians family to trash the president,they have exposed themselves as frauds and snake oil salesmen and women who have no morals and no spine to stand up for what is right,they have shown us that they don't give a rats about the American people because they care much more about illegal aliens than they do about their own citizens : But above all they have been exposed for not caring about the dreamers,only politics.Trump offered them the best deal,more than they wanted in the first place which was over 700,000 dreamers,Trump more than doubled that to 1.8 million and the democrats rejected it for pure politics,they should forever be known as Fraudacrats.

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