Sunday, 18 March 2018

Could be,maybe,highly likely,doesn't get you much in court ,unless you have proof,you have speculation,but the west has been at this since 9/11.No one knows who did the 9/11 job,they couldn't prove who poisoned Alexander Litvinenko in 2006,all documents and findings have been sealed by the British government,why. : What would Russia have to gain by poisoning someone that they debriefed 10 years ago and released to the UK in a prisoner swap,especially when the World Cup is just around the corner,and Russia knowing that the west is looking for any excuse to point the blame at Russia,none of it makes sense : This is just the continuation of the war against Russia for not bowing to the Empire,the west has turned Ukraine into a failed state just to piss Russia off,and to further enrage the US,it didn't get what it wanted,control of Russia's important naval base Sevastopol in Crimea,so the Black Sea remains a Russian pond.

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