Tuesday, 27 March 2018

What the imbeciles in the Australian cricket team tried to do was to cheat the umpires and get them to change the ball by illegal means by breaking the laws of the game : People need to stop comparing this to the Bodyline series and Jardine leg side bowling theory : The "Bodyline" strategy was not illegal,it was just deemed not in the spirit of fair play by stacking the left with fieldsman and bowling at the batsman's upper body and head,it was well within the laws of cricket,and it was effective,what this crop of Aussie players have done is down right idiotic and illegal : The optics of this are so bad,if this was murder,it would be premeditated murder and all guilty before during and after the fact,the electric chair would be warming up if this was Texas.But it's not murder and it ain't Texas,but some lives have to be destroyed to salvage something out of this train wreck.Captain,Vice-Captain the coach and the rest of the leadership team have got to get the chop.

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