Thursday, 7 June 2018

Crazy is alive and well and resides at the Democratic Party : The women who represent the Democratic party,a bunch of foul mouthed middle aged women that have no idea what is going on in America : Nancy "crumbs" Pelosi,Joy "lying" Reid,Samantha "what a feckles c$%t Bee,Michelle "i'm an idiot" Wolf and nut job Chelsea Handler,these are just a few of the foul mouthed wannabees that inhabit the airwaves of the left wing media landscape : Devoid of any policies the democrats are left with name calling and race baiting,the last refuge of a party that has lost it's core base and slowly losing its mind as Trump continues to rack up more successes and winning big league : The "blue wave"is a myth,just like the Russia investigation,but hey,that's all the dems have,right.

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