Saturday, 13 May 2017

Donald Trump's firing of FBI director was the right move by the president,and while he's at it,Trump should get the big broom and clean out any people that have any connections to Obama,they are there to damage the president and his administration,Obama is orchestrating this in the background,staying out of the limelight but actively working to undermine the Trump presidency : Obama is slowly exposing himself as a sore loser and who suffers from the condition known as Malignant narcissism : He's never wrong and always the smartest man in every room,just ask the joint chiefs of staff,he would constantly deride the chiefs and would dismiss their recommendations,he had a way of relaying that he thought himself smarter than them : I wasn't a fan of George W Bush but at least he had the good sense for the good of the country to retire to his ranch and let the new president find his feet,Obama is doing everything in his power to damage the new president,not something that the country right now,and Obama is dividing the country with his actions.

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