Saturday, 13 May 2017

Love him or hate him,the man has BALLS,that's how i like my leaders : President Trump's firing of FBI director James Comey was the result of Obama's weakness when tough decisions had to be made,Obama should have fired Comey after the FBI director's 16 minute indictment of Hillary,he overstepped his authority with that 16 minute press briefing it was unprecedented in FBI histroy,but Obama has always been weak when tough decisions had to be made,like the RED LINE in Syria,he couldn't do it,it was left to Vlad Putin to save him,that has always been Obama,weak leadership and indecisive when it matters most : He's left the middle east in a mess,he didn't want to go in and realized he couldn't stay out,that's a sign of a weak leader : Trump has shown that he will take on thew tough decisions and will step up to the plate when called upon,good bad or indifferent he is prepared to make an executive decision as he sees fit,you may not like his decision but he's the commanded in Commander in chief,and i prefer a leader with balls,unlike Obama who appears to have been castrated at birth.

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