Saturday, 12 August 2017

According to some experts in the Intelligence community the United States was attacked by a foreign power,Russia,and the Trump administration is not taking it seriously,they say it was on a scale to Pearl Harbour : If that were true why has the DNC not been made to hand over their server to Homeland security and the FBI,or at the very least allow them access to the server for the sake of National Security : If the Russian hack was such a serious attack surely they can make the DNC do the patriotic thing and find out what actually happened,how it happened and what steps to take so that we can protect the country from future attacks : The National Security Agency could go there and demand access for national security reasons,and if they refuse they would be arrested,so why are they not doing that : Because there was no hack from Russia,it was an internal leak by a disgruntled employee,they know it and that's why no action has been taken to get to the bottom of this false narrative,things would get really ugly for the 17 intelligence agencies if the truth came out and the sanctions would be seen for what they are,bogus and illegal.

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