Saturday, 12 August 2017

Donald Trumps 2016 election win should be required reading for every political science major in the United States : What Trump achieved by winning the White House is can be compared to winning the Superbowl or the triple crown five years in a row,it is impossible,and yet he managed to pull out a victory against all odds : From the very first day he announced his candidacy,Trump was ridiculed,vilified,laughed at and generally considered a joke by the MSM and the political pundits and experts with their Phd's and their think tank positions of expertise,but Trump knew the blue collar American better than all of them,he heard their complaints for 40 years on the construction sites all over Queens and Manhattan,and that's where he got his vocabulary,not at Harvard but at the work site,where all the hard work gets done,from the real Americans that built this country.

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