Monday, 21 August 2017

For America to solve it's racial problems,the first step is to accept it has a major racial problem,and has had for centuries : First step is to stop the self delusion,the phrase "It's not who we are" should be banned,because it's exactly who you are : And stop the "Exceptional and Indispensable nation bullshit,because your not,the world would be a far more stable planet without your endless fucking wars and overthrowing governments that don't bow to your dictates : And last but not least "The last beacon of light at the top of the hill",when i hear that i always have to stop myself from vomiting : And lets stop pretending that when the USA invade a country,it's not to spread democracy and freedom,it's purely an economic move to control another countries natural resources,the whole world knows that.So stop bullshitting to yourself's,and accept the fact that your are just a bunch of racist murdering genocidal assholes masquerading as freedom loving people who care about democracy and freedom,do that and you might eventually shake off the racist attitudes that you have.

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