Sunday, 20 August 2017

Barack Obama,George Soros and Hillary Clinton are behind the left wing violence and the destruction and removal of statue across Democrat controlled states,they are simply following the Ukrainian playbool they used to overthrow the government of Ukraine and install a bunch of corrupt murderous fascist and Nazi's,and they too began to purge old soviet statues and monuments,Obama was president then and Hillary was the Secretary of State and George Soros provided the funding and his open society thugs : The MSM telling people that this is some sort of grass roots movement is total propaganda,these are paid political agitators and operatives,just recently Hillary donated $800,000 to a left wing get involved group and these three have come together again to overthrow the government of the United States,make no mistake,this will not end well,remember the majority of the population is white in America,180 million and what happens if they are pushed too far : Obama is the voice and main driver of the democratic party and his coordinating things on the ground,his Saul Alinsky tactics are obvious,his narcissism is out of control,he's prepared to bring this country to it's knees tp preserve his legacy,right now he is one of the most dangerous people in America,because he has faithful disciples,and they are unaware of his ultimate goal,and that is to remove the president by a coup.

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