Thursday, 17 August 2017

Talk about political hypocrisy,the democrats and the left are the worlds greatest hypocrites,they talk about love and bringing everyone together and they are the ones with all the hate in their hearts,they hate the President,they hate the Russians,they hate the North Koreans,they hate the Chinese,they hate everybody,and yet they call for love and tolerance,what a bunch of hypocrites : When things are not looking good for the democrats,historically they play their favourite,the race card,it's their tried and proven deception that fools the minorities that they are on their side,when the only side they care about is the winning side : The racism the Californian left practice everyday is never spoken aboutmwhen you offer a person of colour $4 per hour to clean your pool and mow your lawn,that's racism,simply because you would never offer that low an amount to a white person.

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