Thursday, 17 August 2017

These leftist activist think they can erase America's racial past have got to be kidding,do they actually think well get rid of the statues of confederate generals and southern history and all will eventually be forgotten,are they that stupid : Next time a black or Latino teenager is killed for no reason at all,what will you tear down then,Mount Rushmore,you poor fools,you are being manipulated and used by the powerful and the media to distract you from the real problem,the 1% stealing all your tax dollars for their insane wars,which of course they own the majority shares in the armaments companies : Wake up,smell the roses and direct your anger at your real enemy,the US oligarchs and their MSM,not your neighbour,his in the same boat as you,and it's sinking while the 1% are in their luxury yachts laughing at your stupid behaviour.

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