Tuesday, 15 August 2017

We Europeans are a bunch of genocidal maniacs,whatever continent a European sets foot,rape,pillage,slavery and genocide come with the territory,look what they did to the American Indian and we in Australia poisened all the aboriginals in Tasmania,approximately 50,000 approved by the government, "why do they hate us",well that's fucking obvious : Look at their genocide in Japan,the Japanese had already agreed to surrender,they were just thrashing out the terms,and yet these genocidal maniacs,made up of former Nazi scientist decided,"know that they built it,lets use it" and send a message to the rest of the world "We are the boss of bosses now",so they committed genocide to get some data for their experiment.And lets not forget India,what the British did in India at times unspeakable,and then we can talk about South Africa and apartheid,again Europeans practising what they have done for centuries,forcing their will on other people : White supremacist and Nazi's migrated to America,in fact more Nazi's migrated or fled to America than any other continent,many of them worked for the US government and CIA .

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