Friday, 13 October 2017

As former tennis legend would say,you cannot be serious : Sporting writers find more excuses for the spineless Nick Kyrgios : The latest excuse is he misses his Nanna,who died years ago,another wrote we have to give Nick another go,he had a stomach bug,he's shoulder was hurting and the people who paid their money to see the match,well we will just have to get used to this is how Kyrgios is : Perhaps we should look at changing the rules to suit Nick,i have a great idea,how about disqualifying players who appear to be getting the better of Kyrgios,what about the umpire stop the match when Nick gets behind on the score board and play it another day when he feels better : There are people out there who think Nick is some kind of tennis genius,he's been the next big thing for years now,i believe the he cannot handle the expectations of Tennis Australia,they have protected him from being suspended for years,he's the number 1 ranked Aussie,so we cannot suspend him for any length of time because his ranking will fall and he doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to fight his way back,they know that his very fragile and can implode at any time : And that is why the tennis officials put up with this crap,after telling his supporters at court side "If i lose the first set i'm out of here" : Perhaps we should look at just letting Nick straight into the final and let the rest fight for the other position,why not just draw straws and the winner receives the next two sets and the match : There are many ways to change the rules to help Nick get to the top,i know,changes the terminology,the loser will be called an unfortunate result through no fault of Nick and the winner was just lucky Nick didn't win,or perhaps the winner should have lost because Nick was scheduled to win and that's not fair to Nick : This guy has been clearly spoilt rotten by his family,his mother apparently is a Malaysian Princess and he feels that he is above struggling for each point and each set,and now we have Tennis Australia spoiling him further by telling him how good he is and that he will be the next great Australian legend : So Far all we have seen from this guy is a total lack of respect for tennis and the people who pay their money to watch the game,lack of respect for his opponent,lack of respect for tennis officials and the behind the scenes workers who put in big days to make it happen on game day,the next big thing may be a fairy tale,or it might just be wishful thinking on Tennis Australia's part : To make it top the top in any sport you need,guts,determination,discipline,motivation,dedication and a large helping of hard work,which our Nick has shown that he doesn't posses : Perhaps i'm wrong and been too hard on Prince Nick,but what i see is a guy who is ok when things are going fine,and then buckles under pressure and walks off,not caring or giving a toss about anyone but himself,how else can you explain his attitude of walking off the court when things are not happening for him,perhaps he's gone thru life with his family giving him things without making him earn them : My solution to Nick's problem is far more simple,he needs a heart transplant,he needs to find some ticker,without that your not going to make it .

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