Thursday, 12 October 2017

Tennis imbecile and quitter Nick Kyrgios is destroying the Australian sporting heritage that past champions of all sports built up over 100 years of Aussie sport.Aussies might not have always been the best,but they never quit,they never raised the white flag,we were the underdog from down under who didn't care about the talent on paper,the word "Giveup" was not in the Aussie's sportmen's lexicon,unless you had a broken leg and a broken arm,quiting was not an option,you dug deep,you played through the pain barrier,we have always been referred to as "Tough Bastards who never gave up,never took a backward step,never gave an inch.From Pharlap to Winx,Bradman to Chappelli,Dawn Fraser to Ian Thorpe,we asked for no favours,we gave and asked for no quarter,we played till the fat lady sang and then some,we were always the bookmakers underdogs and that's just how we liked it,Australian sporting teams have spilt blood around the arenas of the world : We might not have had the "Big Names" playing in our teams,but as they say "It's not the size of the dog in the fight,it's the size of the fight in the dog"and this dog Kyrgios has no fight in him at all,the first sign of rough weather and this guy is heading for the exits : We broke some almighty hearts,and our hearts were some times broken,but our competitive spirit and our refusal to accept defeat before the final whistle is legendary : Do we really need this over rated prima donna who cracks under pressure to sully our reputation around the globe Tennis Australia needs a reality check,being a bad boy or brat is one thing,taking your bat and ball and going home is something completely alien to Aussies,where are the Aussie legends to call him out for what he is,a disgrace to all Australians,whoever raised this young man never instilled Australian values and forgot to give him a backbone : If you think i'm mad as hell,your damn right i am,you take your wins and your beatings and you live to fight another day,this Nick Kyrgios just doesn't give a shit,and neither should we,he's weak and man with little character and very little pride in himself and his country.PISS HIM OFF NOW.

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