Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Fellattio for Harvey and the Secret to my Success : For Hollywood movie mogul Harvey "God" Weinstein to be doing his perverted thing for three decades,we can assume certain things.1.That he must have been fairly successful at seducing the budding starlets and some would have been willing participants.2. Given that we know some Hollywood starlets did do some porn to make ends meet before Harvey discovered them,so if an actress would do porn to pay the bills,then a couple of blow jobs for Harvey would not be such a stretch,given the power he wielded,it would be almost a natural progression. 3.Given that we know Jews run Hollywood,Harvey would have known that they would not dare open their mouths "Pardon the Pun" : The casting couch has always been part and parcel of Hollywood,and i'm sure some of our most famous stars used it as a stepping stone on their way to the top,the most intriguing part is,WHO.

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