Friday, 10 November 2017

America been the exceptional and indefensible nation is a load of baloney,closer to the truth,America is the dysfunctional nation : No modern society allows non-citizens to vote in their elections,and yet there are credible surveys that show up to 4 million illegals have voted in past federal elections,how can that happen : In Australia illegals have no rights besides basic human rights,beyond that they are considered criminals,immediately incarcerated by the immigration authorities and either processed to be deported back to their country of birth or imprisoned if they have committed a crime in Australia,but voting and having the right of a day in court are simply out of the question,only in very exceptional circumstances can they make any sort of legal argument : In Australia we have a very good and popular merit based system,yes we have decided that we,meaning Australia,get to choose who we allow into our country,if you meet our immigration requirements then we happy to welcome you to our beautiful country,to enjoy a very generous social security system,sea to shining sea of the most beautiful beaches in the world,a land free of weekly mass shootings and racial hatred and racial divide,a land of opportunity and a fair go for all : But if you are here illegally,then it's off to jail no pass go and no $200,just straight to the airport and back where you came from,why can't America get it's act together,it can but it wants cheap labour,and remember America's wealth was created off the backs of African slaves and cheap labour from south of the border,i guess old habits die hard in the land of the free and home of the "cheap labour" brave.

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