Sunday, 19 November 2017

The current poisonous trend to use women to smear political opponents is reaching epidemic proportions,especially when these allegations are sometimes 40 years old and the timing of the smears correspond with an upcoming election,no one is immuned from these smears and no proof is demanded by the media,whatever happened to producing proof for your allegations,can we allow this situation to continue : To destroy a person's reputation by unfounded or unproven smears for political advantage is as bad as the Spanish inquisitions,no evidence was needed then and none is needed to day,what's next shall we begin burning people at the stake : Society has to create some protocols for these types of political tactics,if we don't it will infect our whole political process and lead to good people avoiding a political career for fear of smear tactics that could ruin their reputation that they have worked so hard to achieve,only to have it destroyed by women who have a political axe to grind,our protocols should be,listen,believe and investigate before rushing to judgement,and the media have a role to play,no statements until something concrete has been found.

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