Tuesday, 5 December 2017

California congresswoman Dianne Feinstein confirmed what most reasonable people already knew,there never was Russian collusion.Robert Mueller and his "Hillary Clinton team of lawyers" have given up on the Russian delusion and are now going after Trump for obstruction of justice of which there is none " Trump has the constitutional authority to fire hire who he needs to get the job done,he didn't order Comey to stop the investigation,he just mentioned that he hoped he could see away not to be too hard on Flynn : It should obvious to all people by now that the intelligence community and Barack Obama and his former cohorts are the driving force behind this attempt to remove Trump,when you start talking about his state of mind and article 25,you know that there is nothing there,and never was,the people who should be investigated are the Clinton people who started this witch hunt because they could not come to terms with their historic loss,they have distracted the administration and wasted the people's money and resources,all to make the losers feel better about themselves,and to make Hillary look like a victim and she was just a terrible candidate.

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