Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Former president and malignant narcissist Barack Obama is orchestrating the deep state coup to remove president Trump by impeachment or any other means possible.Barack Obama believes that he was the smartest president that ever sat in the oval office,he also believes that he is the smartest man in any room,the Joint chiefs of staff confirmed that in an interview "he thinks he knows more than anyone,and smarter than any general"he never takes our advice,that was a quote from an interview given three years into his first term by one of the joint chiefs,Obama is a complete egomaniac,he believes in his own bullshit and the adoration of the left leaning MSM,they named him the messiah and he believed it : Now Obama is using all the traps he set for Trump before leaving office to try and remove him the White House,his army of Obamaites and his former intelligence people are behind this coup : We are all aware of Obama's constant focus on his legacy,and what history will rewcord,well we already know what that will be,a disastrous foreign policy the destruction of three countries and open the door to anyone who wants to walk into the US. Barry,you really have to get over yourself,stop following the president around the world as if you are the shadow president,you had your turn,now get over it and leave the new president do his job,which is what reasobnalble ex-presidents do,but than again been a naracissit,you cannot just let go,can you Barry.

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