Wednesday, 14 February 2018

There they all were at Tuesday's senate intelligence committee hearing,lying in front of the American citizens,they put on a show worthy of Barnum and Bailey : It was the Empire striking back against allegations of bias by the intelligence agencies,this charade was staged because the deep state is getting desperate : The liars crooks and political hacks,the FBI was represented by Chris Wray,the CIA sent Mike Pompeo,the NSA and the rest sent their minions to tell us that they are beyond reproach : It was promotional stunt by the deep state to try and convince the American public of something that is obviously not true : While the US dedt climbs to $21 trillion and military spending is now over $1 trillion,these clowns could not stop talking about Russia,it's the new American foreign policy,whenever we screw up,which is often,hey we blame Russia and China.

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