Sunday, 11 February 2018

Trump haters are the biggest hypocrites : They continue to spew out garbage and propaganda,they talk about how Trump "Is not who we are",well lets just have a look at who America and the rest of the western alliance really are : Merchants of death is a good start,ask the people in the Middle East who have been bombed since George H W Bush in 1991 started desert storm,while were at it,let's ask the people of Libya who the west is or Afghanistan and Syria.One could safely assume that they would not refer to the west as saviours rather the term they would use is invaders and criminals against humanity : IN fact if you had to paint a picture of the west's activities since world war two,the canvas would be covered in blood,approximately 30 million people blood,and all for the control of the world's resources : But the Trump haters are ok with genocide and crimes against humanity,but they are shocked at the word shithole,so lets get this straight you can commit crimes of mass destruction,genocide and assassinate leaders that won't do your bidding,but locker room talk is heresy.

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